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L'Autographe Auctions
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Cookie Policy

What Are Cookies

In line with many esteemed websites, our site employs cookies – petite files downloaded to your computer, designed to enrich your browsing journey. This discourse elucidates the nature of information procured by cookies, our utilization of them, and the occasional necessity for their storage. We also offer guidance on inhibiting the storage of cookies, albeit with a caveat that this might affect certain features of the site.

For an expansive understanding of cookies, we recommend referring to the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies. This resource offers a comprehensive view of cookies and their function in enhancing your online experience. Please note that our commitment to optimizing your browsing experience is unwavering, and we strive to maintain a balance between usability and data privacy.

How We Use Cookies

Cookies serve a multitude of purposes, as delineated in the following section. Regrettably, there are typically no conventional methods to deactivate cookies without concurrently impairing the comprehensive functionality and features they offer on this site. Should you find yourself in a state of ambiguity regarding the necessity of cookies, we strongly advise retaining them in an enabled state. This precaution ensures that any services you utilize that may rely on these cookies will continue to function seamlessly. Please remember that our goal is to provide an optimal browsing experience while prioritizing your data privacy and online security.

For those who so desire, there is indeed the option to modify your browser’s settings to obstruct the setting of cookies. Your browser’s Help section will provide comprehensive instructions on how to effectuate this. However, it is crucial to underscore that such a disabling of cookies may have far-reaching implications on the functionality and features of not only our site but also a myriad of other websites you frequent. The prevailing recommendation is to refrain from disabling cookies unless it is an absolute necessity dictated by your distinct privacy preferences. This advice stems from an understanding of the integral role cookies play in providing you with an optimized browsing experience. As always, your privacy and online security remain our paramount concern.

The Cookies We Set

When you establish an account with our platform, we employ cookies to oversee the registration procedure and for overarching administrative functions. Typically, these cookies are eliminated when you terminate your session. However, in select circumstances, they may persist to recall your site predilections even when your session is ended.

We engage cookies when you’re logged in to retain your login status. This mechanism eliminates the need to log in anew with each page you visit. These cookies are generally purged upon logging out, ensuring that restricted features and areas remain accessible solely to authorized users.

Should you opt for our newsletter or email subscription services, cookies may be utilized to discern if you’re already registered and to exhibit pertinent notifications contingent on your subscription status.

In the realm of e-commerce or payment facilities, specific cookies are indispensable to guarantee that your order is accurately remembered as you traverse between pages, enabling us to process it precisely.

Upon submitting data via a form, such as those found on contact pages or comment forms, cookies may be established to remember your user details for prospective correspondence.

To curate a personalized experience on our site, we provide functionality that allows you to customize your preferences for how the site operates when you use it. To retain these preferences, we must set cookies so that this information can be retrieved whenever you engage with pages influenced by your preferences. This approach ensures a seamless, tailored browsing experience for all users, aligning with our commitment to exceptional service and user satisfaction.

Third-Party Cookies

Occasionally, we may resort to the use of cookies furnished by trusted third-party providers. The ensuing section elucidates the third-party cookies you may come across during your utilization of this site.

Our platform employs Google Analytics, a widely recognized and trusted analytics solution on the internet. It aids us in comprehending your interaction with our site, thereby empowering us to augment your experience. These cookies could trace data such as your duration on the site and the pages you frequent, thereby enabling us to generate compelling content.

For further details on Google Analytics cookies, we direct you to the official Google Analytics page.

In addition, we engage third-party analytics to monitor and measure the usage of our platform, facilitating the ongoing production of captivating content. These cookies might track data such as the length of your visit or the pages you visit, which assists us in discerning how to enhance the site to your benefit.

Throughout the trial run of new features and the execution of subtle modifications to the platform, cookies might be utilized to ensure a consistent user experience and to comprehend which enhancements are most valued by our users.

As a purveyor of products, it is critical for us to grasp statistics regarding the number of visitors who effectuate purchases. These cookies track such data, allowing us to formulate precise business forecasts and oversee advertising and product costs to guarantee the most competitive prices.

The Google AdSense service, which we may employ to serve advertisements, utilizes a DoubleClick cookie to deliver more pertinent ads across the web and curtail the repetition of a specific ad being displayed to you.

For additional information on Google AdSense, we invite you to consult the official Google AdSense privacy FAQ.

We may exhibit advertisements to offset the operational costs of this platform and fund further development. Behavioural advertising cookies are employed to anonymously trace your interests and present relevant ads whenever feasible, based on your browsing patterns and interests.

Additional information.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the following details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +44 (0)203 535 0363

We are here to assist you and provide any further clarification you may require.