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L'Autographe Auctions
London+44 203 535 0363
L'Autographe Auctions
London+44 203 535 0363
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Welcome to L'Autographe Auctions

L’Autographe Auctions, where history comes alive through the written words of iconic figures.

Our antiquarian department is dedicated exclusively to the captivating realm of autographs, showcasing letters and manuscripts penned by influential individuals across various domains of cultural history. From renowned writers and scientists to esteemed artists and politicians, our collections unveil the personal thoughts and moments of these exceptional personalities, offering a glimpse into their lives.
These manuscripts serve as invaluable testaments to pivotal moments in history, providing unparalleled insights into the minds of the past.
Join us in exploring and trading these remarkable pieces that embody the essence of bygone eras.
LANNES Jean Marshal of France LANNES Jean Marshal of France LANNES Jean Marshal of France

For decades, L’Autographe S.A., partner of L’Autographe Ltd, has been a major player in the global manuscript market, and we are excited to continue this esteemed legacy in the London new home. Curating prestigious auctions that bring together collectors, scholars and institutions who share a passion for rare and precious autographs, documents, manuscripts and books.

Our Experts

Our team consists of highly knowledgeable experts in autographs and manuscripts. They possess a deep passion for collecting and a keen eye for authenticity. With their extensive expertise, they carefully evaluate and authenticate each autograph and manuscript that comes through our auctions.

They are dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information about the autographs and manuscripts we offer. They conduct thorough research, analyse historical records, compare signatures, and employ various authentication techniques to ensure the legitimacy of the items.

We take great pride in the expertise and professionalism of our team. Their commitment to maintaining the integrity of our auctions and providing the highest level of service is paramount. They strive to gain and maintain your trust in their proficiency so that you can lean on their guidance when making your autograph acquisitions.

Should there be any inquiries or if further assistance is required, our team stands ready to offer expert advice and support. We are committed to aiding you in making informed decisions and enriching your autograph-collecting journey.

Our Support Staff

In addition to our expert team of autograph and manuscript specialists, we also have a dedicated support team in our administrative and organisational departments. They play a vital role in ensuring that our auctions run smoothly and that our customers receive exceptional service.

Our support team is readily available to assist you with any administrative inquiries or logistical concerns you may have. They are well-trained and knowledgeable in handling various aspects of the auction process, including registration, bidding, payment, and delivery.

We understand that a seamless and efficient experience is crucial for our customers, and our support team is committed to providing prompt and helpful assistance every step of the way. Whether you have questions about the auction process, need guidance on placing bids, or require assistance with payment and shipping arrangements, our support team is here to provide you with the necessary support and information.

Massimo Fino Massimo Fino from LAutographe Auctions Massimo Fino from LAutographe Auctions

Massimo Fino

L'Autographe Expert

Massimo has extensive experience in autographs, manuscripts, and music books: he served as a manuscript and autograph consultant at Christie’s International S.A. from 1985 to 2005. Subsequently, he began to work independently at LIM Sas in Lucca (Italy), a renowned publishing house specialising in musicology, and at the same time, he has been an autograph and music antiquarian.

In 2017, he began a consultancy activity at the L’Autographe bookshop in Geneva, focusing on autographs and musical manuscripts.

Recently, in 2022, he was appointed artistic director of the “Patmos Chamber Music Festival”. Furthermore, he has provided his expertise as a consultant to various private collectors and public institutions, offering advice on manuscripts and archives.